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Convert Your Designs To HTML Code Online: Accessing The Best Way

Written by Figma Expert
Last modified Jul. 05 2022

As significant as building an online presence is, ensuring an accurate process is also extremely important. Doesn't matter if you want to design an eCommerce platform or your website or an application. The process can be categorized into two steps: design then coding. However, being adept on both ends is a big ask. In most cases, either of the parties lacks the required expertise. Suppose you have the design ready. Then how do you bridge this gap? One of your best bets may be to convert your design to HTML code through online services. And that is what we will be covering today! Hang on till the end as we quickly review the possible ways to convert designs to HTML Code online!

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  • Designers often struggle to code their dream designs. An online converter makes the process extremely easy by converting the design to HTML codes.
  • A simple way to drive consistent and hassle-free coded results is through online conversion tools. They easily convert any design to the required HTML code without breaking a sweat.
  • Some of the best online service providers that convert designs to HTML code have been listed here.

Understanding The Process Of Converting Designs To HTML Code

Once developers receive the complete imagery of your designs, they convert the format to the program’s language: code. This stage of the process, where designs are ready for implementation, is referred to as design to code. In this case, we are primarily referring to one of the standard languages for a webpage, the HTML code.

Therefore, the conversion ensures higher efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. As you might predict, with the continuous update of the digital space, there rarely is a “final” call on digital products.

Hence, design to code provides a simple solution, especially in terms of collaboration and support amongst both parties.

Why Convert Designs To HTML Code Online?

Before we proceed any further, let's take a quick look at why you should convert designs to HTML code online:

  • Efficient, flexible, and automated process. You do not have to worry about coding manually.
  • You would not be nagging between designers and developers, the process generates code from sketches. Since there is no room for miscommunication, thus, no scope for misinterpretation.
  • Facilitates improvement of the digital product by allowing feedback.
  • Ensures consistent results, every time.

Brushing the Basics: What Is This HTML Converter?

HTML converter is a life-saving software designed to convert basic text files to HTML code. Since HTML is the universally accepted code language for web pages, an HTML converter does that. May your file be in any format, .txt, .doc, .docx or any other, the program converts them into HTML.

Therefore, the HTML converter becomes your gateway. You can post whatever file you want on your web page. Most importantly, the converter preserves the original format of your file, thus, uploading it online is easy.

Hence, even if you are an amateur or have zero knowledge, an HTML converter lets you transform text-to-HTML successfully.

Is HTML Converter The Solution For Converting Designs To HTML Code?

Coding designs offer unlimited flexibility and a thorough understanding of the entire system. But unless you are an engineer, coding designs yourself isn't a viable option. However, with the software, you can give your designs a new meaning. The HTML converter does your work. As we explained earlier, you can still develop your web page without having the necessary skills.

However, there is a catch. Despite what may seem like the best option, especially with the availability and ease, the truth may not exactly be the same. More often than not, such software-driven results are erroneous.

Freelance developers or professional services providers produce far better quality HTML/CSS compared to such software. In terms of SEO or code updates, the software-generated HTML often becomes extremely difficult to work with. Especially, since you wouldn't have much information about the details.

Subsequently, we move on to our last resort: Opting for third-party service providers.

Professional services give life to the design you have in your mind. They customize it according to your preferences. Moreover, you have complete control over the user experience your webpage will provide. You have access, quality, and assistance with a trusted partner.

Thus, if you are looking for the best option, without having the expertise, a conversion service is your perfect solution. Now, you might wonder which conversion service to take, right? Don't worry, we have covered the bases of the premium services as well.

The Best Services To Convert Your Designs To HTML Code Online

1. FigmaFy

Working with a team who are attentive to the smallest details and divides utmost attention to your needs makes any difficult situation manageable. And that is exactly what FigmaFy guarantees to deliver.

Service Provider To Convert Designs To HTML Code Online.
Source: FigmaFy Website

We're a development firm, and our primary objective is to help firms offload work on their web development side of things, regardless of the design tool they're using. Our work focuses on taking anything from Figma (or any other design tool), exporting the assets, and converting it to clean, bug-free code - which can be from something as basic as HTML5 all the way to a fully functional website or software.

As you know, communication is one of the key components in such processes. And thus, our team FigmaFy leaves no stone unturned to properly communicate and understand your needs. Moreover, we offer multiple revisions and unparalleled customer support to deliver you the best service. Apart from Figma to HTML code, there are several formats available to choose from.

2. Visly

A great tool for designing React components, Visly is handy to developers and designers. Moreover, the components seamlessly integrate into the codebase you want.

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Source: Visly Website

The tool can be easily run with any NextJS or React projects, and you can add interactions anytime. Further, it lets you pass information as props, keeping the process free from any complexities.

3. Figma’s integration with Framer Web

Having partnered with Framer Web, Figma has eased the process of converting designs to HTML code. It lets you import design projects, already present in Figma into Framer.

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Source: Framer X and Figma Website

Thus, you can replace static elements with interactive ones. Additionally, you can integrate animations seamlessly by using Framer Magic Motion. You can export the final product, prepared from your given design.

4. Handoff

A platform that accommodates your need to generate reusable components, Handoff is similar to any vector-driven design tool. Consequently, you can organize design system assets alongside exporting production-prepared code with just one click.

Figmafy Screenshot1046 f82b71fdbcbbd9d49ee4466d8ba9d565 800
Source: Handoff Website

If you have been struggling as a developer with the juggles of coding, this may be your salvation platform.

5. Avocode

Avocode is known for its unique features. It lets you share your design files, and is susceptible to any changes you make, automatically updating them. The platform generates code styles and assets for the design projects. Even, you can build apps for both ios and Android alongside web applications. Interestingly, this feature keeps the design intact, creating a detailed replica.

Figmafy Screenshot1052 370fd08de243d8a21a78121af0cd1d44 800
Source: Avocode Website

You may also generate a range of production-formatted codes from SCSS, JS, CSS, and many more.

6. Hadron

How cool will it be to design through code visual? Well, that's what Hadron offers, a fast and easy solution, through the web platform.

Figmafy image c7ed259388ecfcb4cd6abbc45f3faad0 800
Source: Hadron Website.

Coupled with their usual features comes a flexbox that gives you better alignment. With Hadron you can generate responsive designs that are feasible on multiple devices. Not to mention the CSS Grid makes creating grid layouts very easy.

7. Supernova

Equipped with a set of tools that support designers, developers, and teams, Supernova brings a simplified process. It creates production-termed code from prototypes too, apart from conversion.

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Source: Supernova Website.

You can use designs from tools such as Sketch or files of AdobeXD too. Supernova converts these designs to native code for React Native, iOs, Flutter as well as Android.

8. Zeplin

Organize, share and collaborate on design projects with Zeplin. The platform lets you build component libraries, style guides as well as export components of code.

Figmafy Screenshot1054 7836992cdba73f5ae19f2991efbe178b 800
Source: Zeplin Website

You can integrate with your preferred design systems like Adobe XD, Spectrum, Figma. Alongside, you can collaborate with software like JIRA, and apps like Slack and Trello, especially if you are looking for a team workflow system.

9. Clutch

Are you a front-end engineer looking to work with your corresponding designers in real-time? Then Clutch is for you. You can create React applications visually, using logic, animations, state, and live data.

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Source: Clutch Website.

Also, you can use their overrides style options and content editing within the application to create reusable components. Moreover, Clutch provides real-time collaborative features, access to NPM free libraries, and drives SEO-customized results.

10. Inspect by InVision

A simplified process that transforms design to code, Inspect allows your team to work efficiently. With their service, your team can access colors, design measurements, assets for prototypes, and more.

Figmafy Screenshot1055 50477c621f1404028d52005973f11e39 800
Source: Inspect by InVision.

You can even make pixel-perfect components, collaborate with platforms like Sketch, generate code for any of your design elements among other features. Furthermore, InVision Studio design files automatically sync with InVision Cloud, thus you can access Photoshop designs through the Craft Sync plugin.

Optimizing The Process To Convert Design To HTML Code Online

Even if you choose the most optimal service, there will always be some basic issues that you need to address for smooth interaction. Here are some of the few things you should keep in mind.

1. Build Open And Effective Communication

No matter which stage your work in progress is in, it is important to build effective and open communication. Especially maintaining constant feedback during the product design and implementation initiation. Most importantly, designers and developers, or in this case, the service providers, must keep an open discussion for clear understanding.

2. Conduct A Detailed Checkup

Organize the process to generate better results. Project management tools may come in handy but whichever method you choose, make sure to keep a checklist of the requirements. Moreover, there should be sessions where designers and developers come together to clarify the progress and final handover. At FigmaFy, once our developers convert the Figma designs into your desired format, two of our teammates test it on every browser to ensure everything is working smoothly.

3. Establish Design Workflow

Lastly, develop a design workflow that ensures consistency and accuracy. Especially, when there are multiple projects on board, having a stable workflow to rely on is life-saving.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are platforms that supercharge your transformation process of designs to HTML code. And the code development process doesn't even require a lengthy workflow or time and energy.

An effective handoff can be the key to a successful venture. Doesn't matter if you are an amateur or an experienced professional, the significance of converting designs to HTML code is unending. Especially if you have been through the phase of struggle while building strategies for the handoff, you will know what we are talking about.

Therefore, for a successful conversion of your designs, you need to lay a solid groundwork and deliver the best digital product. Between your dreams and reality, this foundation can be built through the right tool.

We have already discussed the top 10 online platforms that can convert your designs to HTML code online. But if you are looking for something that guarantees comfort, efficiency, and specialization, FigmaFy may be the perfect call to your tough choices.

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