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Top Front End Development Companies in 2022

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Last modified Dec. 13 2022

Choosing the perfect front-end development company that can bring your creative ideas to life on your websites can be daunting. Lucky for you, we did the heavy lifting for you by shortlisting 6 of the finest companies after hours of extensive research on the top 50 front-end development companies.

What is the Best Front End Development Company?

  1. FigmaFy— best of the best
  2. Innofied — best for E-commerce and Logistic
  3. Clarion Technologies — best for Cloud, IoT and Analytics
  4. Finoit Technologies — best for Software Development for startups and medium-sized business
  5. IndiaNIC— best for Mobile App Development
  6. Consagous Technologies — best for Android App Development with strategic planning

1. Figmafy

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Figmafy image d3c1444002fd11a16a210f30d8c8fbfc 800

FigmaFy offers Figma design-to-code conversion with pixel-perfect accuracy and excellent efficiency at a low price, with no interruptions in the code. FigmaFy's selling feature is its vast variety of conversions from design to website code, such as WordPress, HTML5, flutter, Shopify, and so on. Furthermore, with our experienced developers, you may customize the final product in any suitable manner. All you have to do is express your wish.

Pricing may start from $500 for the first page of a project and increase twofold due to the increased complexity of the project.

The Best Part:

  • Highly Personalized conversion of design to code for web development. Figmafy takes care of the entirety of the process by ensuring each minute detail be present in the end product. This unburdens you from worrying about limiting the extent of creativity while designing because FigmaFy assures you of the maximum fine-tuning possible.

If you are willing to get your Figma designs to come to life without sacrificing any nitty-gritty details and want the best possible coding for your website while meeting your business objective, FigmaFy is arguably the best option overall.

I recommend you book a free consultation with your name and e-mail address and see things out for yourself!

Try FigmaFy now

Best For

FigmaFy is best for front-end development, which includes converting Figma designs into codes for creating websites of a huge variety of formats.

Top Features

  • Relentless testing and development: The dedicated team of developers excel at amazing attention to detail through continuous testing to ensure the conversion is pixel-perfect and free of any errors in design and function.
  • The websites developed are not only limited to specific devices. FigmaFy ensures that the sites are responsive and accessible to global users.
  • High efficiency without sacrificing details. The products are delivered as fast as possible. FigmaFy understands the urgency of its customers.
  • Offers conversion from Figma to WordPress, Shopify, Flutter, HTML5, Webflow, React, Squarespace, and Drupal while offering top-notch backend development with popular languages such as PHP and SQL.
  • FigmaFy charges almost 30% less than the competition while providing a record-breaking 3x faster service. This ensures accessibility to designers who have started their businesses very recently.


FigmaFy offers various pricing depending on what the customers need. It is hard to provide fixed pricing details since the service is highly personalized. So, depending on your customization needs, pricing can vary.

Try FigmaFy now

2. Innofied

Our Verdict — Best For E-commerce and Logistics

Price: Starts at $25 per hour

Figmafy image 9beb26e7a6bf98ad2c2d9c148261a3d5 800

Innofied provides front-end development for specific categories of websites and apps, such as e-commerce and logistics, among many other features, including back-end development, IoT, analytics, etc. However, we think it is best for you if you want to develop websites and software of specific nature, as they focus on a limited set of platforms.

The Best Part:

  • Due to heavily focusing on niches such as mobile app development, their track record is prestigious when it comes to their specialty. So, if your needs fit with their area of expertise, then you can expect great results

The Worst Part:

  • Some general features, such as conversion across different formats, aren’t available here.

Get it if you want mobile app development and want to build a good e-commerce site.

Best For

Innofied is best for Mobile App Developers who want their UI/UX developed for Apple and Android devices

Top Features

  • Specialized Mobile App development, provides application design customization in visual and functional aspects.
  • Cross-platform and React Native Apps development.
  • New techs include Game Design.
  • Gaming, IoT, Ride, Chat, Multimedia, and many other categories of mobile apps.


Innofied has different pricing plans depending on their services. But $25/hr is usually the average pricing for regular front-end development works.

3. Clarion Technologies

Our Verdict — Best For Cloud, IoT and Analytics

Price: Starts at $25-$49 per hour (for 1 developer)

Figmafy image acbb39aea624ed5cf02fd80b19a09f79 800

Clarion Technologies provides cutting-edge technology for development services through their specialist engineers, managers, and developers. While they provide front-end development through HTML5, Node, React, and similar technologies, we suggest you opt for this company if you are working on a very ambitious project requiring the finest developers.

The Best Part:

  • Clarion Technology offers a large set of front-end services for web development while making specialist developers of multiple disciplines available for hire. Clarion might be the right destination if you want an industry-ready developer with technical skills working for you.

The Worst Part:

  • Code quality may not be ensured as developers mainly focus on getting the job done; unfortunately, quality control is not among their selling points.

Get it if you want a developer that has expertise in a niche of front-end development such as PowerBI and Xamarin developers.

Best For

Front End development services by Clarion Technologies are best suited for companies with enough financial resources to afford the specialists at ClarionTech and want to get the job done as fast as possible, and can sometimes overlook trivial quality checks.

Top Features

  • Decent range of webpage formats available for developments ranging from HTML5 and WordPress to React and Bootstrap.
  • Universally proven developers ready to hire.
  • Provides personalization and creative solution to websites.
  • Clarion Technologies provides access to Client Speaks, Case studies, Infographics, and other useful resources.
  • Clarion ensures the end product is not only functional but also enriched with artistic value so that the customers can have a pleasing experience throughout their usage.


Depending on the nature of the front-end development service and the work process details, the developers may charge an hourly rate of anywhere between 30 to 100 USD. But hiring their developers will require you to provide a yearly salary ranging from 60,000 USD to 100,000 USD based on the developer's experience.

4. Finoit Technologies

Our Verdict — Best For Software Development with a limited budget

Price: Services available for less than $29

Figmafy image 128595876cff9fc882529a822a943fc6 800

Finoit Technologies offer creative and custom software development and digital transformation consulting at a very affordable. If you are starting or are in a financial constraint but need to get the work done, Finoit Technologies can be your savior.

The Best Part:

  • Finoit Technologies excels in providing high-value digital consulting services and user experience design besides their regular software development at a very affordable price for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are looking to start your journey in the technology industry and don’t want to invest time into technical work yourself, Finoit can help you take some load off your shoulder.

The Worst Part:

  • Unlike the other companies mentioned here, Finoit doesn’t have many services. They specialize mainly in software development, UX, and digital transformation consultancy. So, you might not find what you are looking for.

Get Finoit’s service if cost-efficiency is your priority.

Best For

If you cannot afford high-end companies with industry-high service standards but are more focused on getting the fundamental work done, Finoit Technology is your best friend.

Top Features

  • Cost-efficient software development and digital transformation services
  • Creative UI design for multi-platform apps.
  • The focus is concentrated on product quality.


Finoit Technologies provide front-end development service for less than $25per hour for a developer, which means roughly $600 of service cost per day.

5. IndiaNic Infotech Limited

Our Verdict — Best For Mobile App Development

Price: Starts at lower than $25per hour for 1 developer.

Figmafy image 8df634e57a16033b3caa6c6dc0e71e63 800

IndiaNic provides front-end development services of broad categories with certified developers. From ios, android apps to google cloud, MySQL, react, and HTML5 to WordPress, IndiaNic has got you covered. Hire their services if you are working on a large-scale project that requires a little bit of everything.

The Best Part:

  • The broad category of services to select from ensures that you are most likely to get everything here for the competitive price range

The Worst Part:

  • You may not get the developers to personalize apps and website designs to minute details.

Get it if you want to finish a large-scale project that requires multi-disciplinary front-end developments, and you don’t want to look for different companies for specific criteria.

Best For

IndiaNic is the best choice if you want front-end development, especially for android and ios apps, and want cross-functionality. So, it is best for businesses with tech products that cater to multiple industries.

Top Features

  • ios and android app development.
  • Cross-platform and hybrid app services.
  • Angular, ReactJS, Vue, etc front-end technologies.
  • Specialist developers who work on TypeScript to bring innovative and creative web development solution.


IndiaNic provides both fixed and variable pricing. For fixed pricing, it’s the same as the industry average, which is $25per hour for one developer’s service. But depending on the scale of the project, it is bound to vary.

6. Consagous Technologies

Our Verdict — Best For Strategic planning and android app development

Price: Starts at $25per hour

Figmafy image acd2869c015265eaa86db52c704da0a6 800

Consagous Technologies provide high-quality tailor-made IT services that include but are not limited to mobile app development, UI/UX design, and Web development for entertainment, social media, e-learning, travel, healthcare, and fitness purposes. What sets them apart from other top front end development companies is their strategic planning and efficiency in boosting the engineering scale. So, give them a shot if that aligns with your goal.

The Best Part:

  • Front-end development with a focus on strategic planning and technological efficiency while not compromising user experience and overall quality.

The Worst Part:

  • Doesn’t provide services of a wide range of front-end technologies like other companies

Best For

Android apps geared towards a specific business strategy. If your business has a particular plan that you want to be implemented through mobile applications, then Consagous may be the right place.

Top Features

  • Engaging UI/UX design; solid code and visually pleasing.
  • Impressive client retention rate.
  • It is proven across the industry for IT service providers for 100s of startups.
  • Provides service related to a wide range of technology such as IoT, Blockchain, Cognitive Computing, etc.


As usual, due to the wide category of services and technologies offered by Consagous Technologies, you will need to contact their sales representative to know the exact price. But for having general front-end development services, you can expect $25 per hour for a developer

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three Front End Development Companies:

  1. FigmaFy— best of the best
  2. Innofied— best for E-commerce and Logistics
  3. Clarion Technologies — best for Cloud, IoT and Analytics

What Is a Front-End Development Company?

Technology companies that help design user interfaces for different mobile applications and websites are known as front-end development companies.

They provide developers specializing in different categories of front-end development.

What Is The Best Front End Development Company?

FigmaFy is our chosen best front-end development Company because of the simplicity of accessibility to their services. They cater to both simple and complex projects. They also provide a massive range of services while being very affordable.

How Do I Choose The Best Front End Development Company?

The five most important factors you should consider when choosing the front end development company are:

  • Range of service- How many kinds of front-end services the company can give?
  • Quality of Code - If the code is bug-free, easy to modify and customizable
  • Efficiency- How fast the developers can prepare the product.
  • Price - how does the price compare to the service you get and compare with the competing companies?
  • Creativity- Do you want your app or website to have only functional features? Or do you want them to stand out from mediocrity? Choose the company that provides both.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best front-end development companies you can go to in 2022:

  1. FigmaFy— best of the best
  2. Innofied— best for E-commerce and Logistics
  3. Clarion Technologies — best for Cloud, IoT, and Analytics

Our top pick is FigmaFy because we offer a wide range of services for front-end development projects, our code is absolutely clean and optimized, and we also offer personalization by prioritizing digital experience to the most minute level possible.

If you want a solution to your digital needs, contact us and get a quick estimate within 12 hours!

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